Monday, December 10, 2012

Counseling Tip #1

A Week of Camp Counseling Tips

Camp couselors.  We've all been one.  A lot of us have managed counselors.  Regardless of the experience we've had, we're always looking for better theories, methods, "tricks" for being or training the best counselors out there. 

This week, we will be highlighting seven different camp counseling tips from Jeff Leiken.  We hope you enjoy these tips and add your comments/feedback below.  Jeff Leiken is also going to be at the 11th Annual NACCHO Conference this January!
DAY 1:

Never assume your playful sarcasm, especially use of nicknames, will be taken as you intend it.
In fact, assume that at some point it will be taken so wrong that you will deeply regret it. Sense of humor is much more cultural and personal — than it is universal — yet few people realize how true this is. Many males, in particular, have grown so accustomed to the endless ribbing that they forget there was a point where they learned to shut themselves off emotionally from the sting that is felt when on the receiving end of a put down. This is not a good thing. It is a survival mechanism response, and it makes it harder to be at ease opening up and trusting others. Most children haven't reached this point, and with your help, hopefully they'll never have to. Your best bet is to keep it positive and model for your campers how to relate without the constant "jokes." It will take some work, but the benefits will make it all worth it!

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