Friday, November 2, 2012

Our Blog is Your Blog!

Good Morning Camp Lovers and Those Alike:

It's officially been over ten years since the NACCHO Conference launched in the beautiful Phoenix desert.  Ironic isn't it--a bunch of down-and-dirty camp goers gathering at a fancy little resort in flawless climate, showers abundant, and food that you actually want to "write home about"?  Hey!  We all deserve a little normalcy now and then, especially when we are gathering for such a great cause: creating timeless summer camp programs.

As we head into the 11th annual NACCHO Conference, this blog is meant to be a representation of all of the idea sharing, wheel reinventing, and brain-wracking concepts that are communicated at NACCHO.  For some of us, this conference is the best form of professional development we get as professional camp personnel.  Why not keep the trading of information alive all year? 

With that said, this blog is yours.  It is what we make of it.  Feel free to pass on a useful article or just a funny token that keeps us lighthearted.  Pass on pictures, illustrations, songs, and more that represent what you consider camp culture to be. 

Having ideas is one thing, sharing them is another--that's where we can grow those ideas into plans and then into actuality.  If you have something you would like to share, send it on over to  You can also "like" us on Facebook by clicking on the link at the right of this page and send ideas through Facebook.

Happy Blogging!

The Arizona Hemophilia Association

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